technoinnovative - innovation, technology, gadget by innobject online store

Perspectives and development

Our company follows an unconventional organization scheme. This permits to combine the requirements of persons with the continously changes of the business world.

Today our attention is concentrated to care our online store where we are offering different interesting and useful articles with high quality.

The world is continuously changing and in addition to our daily research and analisys of new interesting ideas we are evaluating and observing new markets and opportunities that respect our quality criterias and offer interesting grows.

How we work

The administration is managed by the founder, Christian Zeni, with external help of partners for some administrative parts.

In addition there are the different deliverers of services and articles, selected with attention to grant the highest possibile quality during the shopping as well as after.

There are not office hours, because the company is administred as second job. The easiest and efficient way is the communication by e-mail.
Phone calls as well as videoconferences are possible in specific cases only by meeting request.

Our goals

  • Selection of high quality, innovative, technological or design articles
  • The offered articles are usually not aviable in shops and stores
  • Give customers all possible information of the articles - a product sheet explains all details in easy and clear way, added sometimes with manuals, product sheets and videos
  • Everyone can evaluates the desired products or compare with others - but for unanswered questions everyone can send us an e-mail
  • Offer high quality service and give a reference after the article was bought
  • Freedom to buy when the customer wants

Company philosophy

We want offer useful high quality technology and innovation united with a good service and interesting prices.